Courtyard Apartments at Riverview

The Courtyard Apartments at Riverview is a concrete and masonry high rise apartment building that was constructed in 1963. Situated at 4th and Washington Streets in the culturally rich South Philadelphia neighborhood, the 25-story building stands prominently above the neighboring low rise buildings, and in plain view from afar.

Masonry Preservation Group (MPG) was contracted to perform an exterior façade repair project at the Courtyard Apartments at Riverview – including but not limited to – extensive concrete repairs, brick repairs, joint sealant replacement, and the application of a new, elastomeric waterproof coating to the entire façade. Hanging from suspended scaffolding platforms at heights up to 250 feet above the ground, MPG’s skilled masons worked diligently to eliminate overhead life safety hazards from spalled concrete while enhancing both the performance and aesthetics of the exterior building envelope.

A warm, four-color palette brings a vibrant new appearance to the once cold, dull and dated off-white building. While the repairs will bring longevity to the structure’s concrete façade, the Courtyard Apartments at Riverview’s fresh new look is an immediate visual improvement to Philadelphia’s proud skyline and can be enjoyed from great distances in all directions.