The St. James

Project Description

The St. James is a 45-story luxury apartment building in West Washington Square, Philadelphia. Standing at an impressive 498 feet tall, this cast-in-place concrete residential skyscraper is the 14th tallest building in Philadelphia. It is the second tallest residential building in Philadelphia and also stands out visually in the skyline as the tallest building east of Broad Street. MPG has been selected by the owner to work on the façade of the building 3 times since its construction in 2001.

In the original construction phase, MPG was brought on to the project team to complete the structural stabilization and exterior restoration of the historic building façades on Walnut Street. The 19th Century front façades were preserved in place to maintain the historic streetscape, while the rest of these structures were demolished, and the new high-rise was erected on the property where these buildings once stood.

In the early years after construction was completed, MPG was selected by the building owner to resolve issues on the newly constructed high-rise due to back-pitched balcony slabs.

More recently, MPG was selected by the owner to perform a comprehensive exterior façade maintenance project including 100% replacement of all exterior sealant joints, 100% waterproof recoating of the concrete building façade, 100% replacement of all balcony deck coatings and repairs to the concrete façade.

Project Photos